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National Curriculum

Subjects, lessons and topics are all mapped to the UK's National Curriculum

Premium resources

All resources created by expert teachers with more than 10 years experience

Access for the year

Pay once and have access to all the course resources for 12 months

Track progress

Child and parent dashboards so progress, points, and certificates can be tracked


Parent and child accounts with profile page and individual logins

home learning

Study from home by following the full courses or choose modules that suits your needs

Sign up

Sign up by choosing either Maths or English, or both. When you enrol you will automatically get a parent account and then you can create your child account. You will both have a separate log in to your accounts to undertake studies and track progress.

Choose a course

Each course and topic has an overview, explanation and video followed by questions and quizzes. When the module and lesson is complete, your child’s progress can be tracked through both the parent and child dashboards with achievement rates, quiz results and overall course progression. 


After each topic and assessment is complete, your child will be awarded points for the correct answers. Certificates and awards are awarded at the end of topic and these can be found in your child’s profile page. You will be able to download these and store them on your personal device.


Three simple steps to start learning and reaching your potential with My School Room


Unlike other home education platforms, My School Room gives you the option to study courses that replicates the school curriculum. You can choose to study either Maths or English, or both. Keep a look out as we are developing and expanding and soon there will be the chance to choose from a selection of six subjects. 


Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8 and 9


Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8 and 9


Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8 and 9

Coming soon


Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8 and 9

Coming soon


Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8 and 9

Coming soon


Key Stage 3
Years 7, 8 and 9

Coming soon

So easy to sign up and start learning

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8 reasons why you should take off with us

National Curriculum aligned courses

Choose from Maths and English with the knowledge that Science, History, Geography and Computers are coming soon.

Flexible learning

How you study is your decision - follow our predefined course structure or choose specific modules to support your child's learning and development. Build your learning around your day

Built by professionals

My School Room has been built by professional teachers with over 15 years experience. We understand that every child is different so flexibility is at the heart of what we do as

Engaging lessons

Video lessons, digital worksheets, powerpoints and interactive tasks, followed by short immersive auto marked quizzes after each module to check learning and understanding

Tutor support

Free monthly webinars to help support development and understanding and premium users get weekly webinars in both subjects

Write your own timetable

You don't need to follow a school day which means you can be led by your child, which means more efficient learning. If your child is more receptive from 3pm to 6pm, that's when you can target lessons.


We endeavour to engage the learner from the very beginning by taking a strong start and setting the stage for an amazing learning experience.

Boosts confidence

If your child struggles with certain subjects, you can structure their learning accordingly, which helps to boost their confidence

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Maths Key Stage 3 (Foundation level)

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The best opportunity for your child to learn

Here at My School Room we are committed to providing the very best in home education through fun, engaging and challenging lessons. 

Perfect solution for home education

Parent and child accounts

Choose from English or Maths

Desktop, tablet & mobile friendly platform

Start learning as soon as you are enrolled

Four further courses in development

Complete ready made courses

Achievement points & badges

Courses aligned to the National Curriculum

Measure progress throughout courses in your profile

A few words from our students

testimonials 2
The lessons are fun, interactive and easy to use. I get rewards for achieving like certificates and awards that I can download and print. I like it a lot!
My School Room is the only site I could find that offered six courses and the option that you can choose individual courses or the full bundle is excellent.
Julia - PARENT
testimonials 3
My brother and I both use My School Room and we are in different school years. We are both enrolled on the full course option and our Dad can set us rewards.
Jonathan - STUDENT
My School Room is so easy to use and great that I can do my school work either on my laptop or my phone. My mum can log in and see how I am doing
Natalia - STUDENT