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Key Stage 3 covers three years 7, 8 and 9. If you purchase a single subject, for example Maths, then you have access to that subject for years 7, 8 and 9 for 12 months.

If you purchase access to either a single subject, three subjects or the full six subjects bundle then your child can follow the full courses from start to end, or chose the modules and topics that they want cover. This allows for a flexible approach and focus on key areas that your child needs support with. 

All of the subjects are mapped to the National Curriculum to ensure we cover all of the topics required – the same as in schools. In addition, all of our resources have been developed and created by teachers who all have over 10 years experience. 

We are a perfect platform to support and offer a full home schooling experience.  That was one of our main reasons for starting as there is currently no other platform that offers the full six subjects. However, My School Room is also a perfect way of supporting revision and helping children around specific topics. Does your child need extra help with fractions or percentages? Then purchase the Maths course and work through those topics to develop understanding.

Easy sign up

Sign up by choosing either a single subject, a bundle of three or the full six subject offer. The subjects to choose from are Maths, English, Science, Geography, History and Computers. When you sign up you will automatically get a parent account and then you can create up to a further three child accounts.

Track progress

Each topic has an overview, explanation and video followed by questions and quizzes. When the module and lesson is complete, your child’s progress can be tracked through both the parent and child dashboards with achievement rates, quiz results and overall course progression. 


After each topic and assessment is complete, your child will be awarded points for the correct answers. Certificates and awards are awarded at the end of topic and these can be found in your child’s profile page. You will be able to download these and store them on your personal device.

Learning at home has never been so easy

There are three easy steps to get started, learn and achieve with My School Room